Sunday, September 9, 2012

As Beautiful As The Full Moon

Just now I've chat with my mom and we are talking about beauty.... You know, woman and beauty cannot be separated... heheheh..

Ok, we are not talking about that kind of beauty... But, we have discussed the most beautiful creation in the world~~~HUMAN BEING~~~

Ok, the conversation is like this:

Lil Bro : Mom, you are beautiful... :D
Mom    : It's sounds ridiculous.. I'm not beautiful. Nobody have said that I'm beautiful especially when I was a child. Even they said that I'm an ugly kids.
(My mom is always saying that she is not beautiful even though my friends or other people are quite amazing with her beauty. Maybe they do not believed that ugly me having a beautiful mom... huhu...)
Me       : Yeah... That's the only your answer when anyone saying so... Well, I've remembered you have said that basically a less beautiful kids will grow up beautifully and vice versa... Maybe it's suits you very well since you are beautiful, mom... But, why do an ugly me during child have grown up to an ugly me now?? huhu....
Lil Bro : But you looks beautiful in picture sis.. (Smiling showing his teeth)
Me       : Hello, I'm beautiful in both pic and reality ok.... hahaha.... (Suddenly I've become very perasan after the humble me before... kuang3...)
Mom    : hahahahahaha....
Me       : Ok la.... By the way, we are beautiful... Everybody are beautiful and nobody is ugly... Allah have created us as the best creation and we should admit it and be grateful.. But human themselves  making their own rate to Allah creation..
Mom    : Yes... Everybody is beautiful because we are the best creation. I have a story about this...

And here is the story :

As Beauty As The Full Moon

Once upon a time, there were a man that will get married to an unknown girl. During that time, Arabian are not allowed to see his/her groom/bridegroom before they were married. However, that arrogant man said that if he found that her wife is not as beautiful as the full moon, they will be automatically divorced.
One day, his family have found him a very good, polite, and righteous girl for him and he is very excited to marry that humble girl. Unfortunately, after the marriage, he found that his righteous wife is very ugly and not beautiful as the full moon. It is very frustrated because he loved his wife very much since he know she is the best woman for him..

So, that guy went to see the amirul mukminin (Muslim's leader) and asking about the problem. The amirul mukminin then make a musyawwarah (discussion) with all of the scholars (ulama').... All of them agreed that the couple were divorced and that poor girl have become a widower. But, the great amirul mukminin have find out that one of the scholar is looking weird and seems like he did not agreed with the decision. He asked the scholar and he the scholar started to recite Surah at-Tiin (1-4) which means that "Human being is the best creation". So, the scholars think that the couple is not divorced because human is much more better than the full moon. All of the scholars agreed with the opinion and the couple are still husband and wife....

P/S: nobody is ugly because human is the best creation... Allah have created us perfectly and we have no right to measure or rate His creation.. But sometimes it could be happened because we know what are the other people valuing us.... ~~sigh~~ Ya Allah, please guide me to be a grateful person.. Thank you for your nikmat... Amin...

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